Tinder 2020 updates with “a panic button” & other safety features

Tinder 2020 updates with a panic button and other safety features

Popular Online Dating app none other than Tinder is going to roll out their new updates and features “a panic button” & other safety features. Tinder updating with new features in coming week of this month (January 2020).

The new update is coming with the features like “a panic button” & other safety features to Tinder. Security features like emergency assistance, location tracking and the very important photo verification.

Tinder is planning to roll out this updates and features first in the US. According to Tinder from 28 January 2020 this update will be available in United States. Tinder not declare the date or time for this update for globally.

Parent company Match Group – which also owns PlentyOfFish, OkCupid and Hinge – aims to roll out the features on its other dating platforms later this year. Match Group said it had invested in Noonlight, which provides the online emergency response services and personal safety products that Tinder will use.

Noonlight’s Technology

Noonlight’s technology will enable users to alert emergency services and transmit highly accurate location data. Before meeting someone, users will be able to save information about the person and when the date is taking place. If they then hit the panic button emergency services will be alerted with the details, along with accurate location data.

Photo Verification

Tinder new photo verification features will able to help their users to avoid fake identities of others. It will useful in identifying fake or real accounts. Photo verification will use human-assisted Artificial Intelligence (AI Systems) to verify profile photos on tinder app. It basically ask users to verify their identity by taking multiple real-time selfies like apple touch verification method.

Mandy Ginsberg (CEO, Match Group) said it will be the first dating company to invest in emergency response services. She said “A safe and positive dating experience is crucial to our business”

She added “We’ve found cutting-edge technology in Noonlight that can deliver real-time emergency services – which doesn’t exist on any other dating product.”


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