Tesla will talk with you soon, Elon Musk

Tesla will talk with you soon, Elon Musk

Tesla will talk with people around it soon, Elon Musk. He announced it on tweeter, with a short video of a Tesla Model 3 while car speaker plays a clip saying “Well don’t just stand there staring, hop in”. In the tweet Elon tweeted, “Tesla will soon able to talk with people if you want. This is real”.

As previous updates from Tesla

We already know that Tesla has started adding speakers externally to cars which follow new safety regulations that electric cars should produce noise. Elon want to use that speakers with advance interesting features. In the Elon Musk another tweet, he indicated that the newly announced feature can work with car’s existing sentry mode alarm system.

The audio clip played with specific message indicates Elon Musk’s master plan of all of Tesla’s cars will able to operate as an autonomous taxi fleet, which will earn money for their owners when they not using their own cars. In an autonomous state, with no driver to invite passengers into the taxi, the car itself could be left to tell people to “hop in.”

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Elon Musk tweet indicate this new functionality will available “very soon”. Back in October, Musk already announce that Tesla will able to customised horn and movement sounds feature will coming soon and they’re still yet to launch.

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