Asia-Pacific Power Industry Contracts, Rise Of 20%

Asia-Pacific Power Industry Contracts

India emerged the leader in 12-months average power industry contracts in Asia-Pacific with 26 contracts, followed by Australia with nine and China with seven contracts.

Activity in November 2019

Asia-Pacific power industry contracts activity in November saw 91 contracts announced, marking a rise of 20% over the last 12-month average of 76, according to GlobalData’s power database.

Who led with maximum share

China led the activity in November 2019 with 20 contracts and a share of 22%. It is up 13.3% over the previous month and up 186% when compared with the last 12 month-average. India 14 contracts and a share of 15.4%.

Looking at contracts divided by the type of technology,

Wind accounted for the largest proportion with 27 contracts and a 34.6% share. Solar with 21 contracts and a 26.9% share and thermal with 18 contracts and a 23.1% share.

Power industry contracts divided by segment in Asia-Pacific as tracked by GlobalData, Generation Equipment was the most popular segment in November 2019, with 38 contracts, followed by Power Plant (37) and Electricity Procurement (8).

What statistics says:

The proportion of contracts by category tracked by GlobalData in the month included 38 supply & erection contracts — 41.8% share; 37 project implementation contracts — 40.7% share; 8 power purchase agreements — 8.8% share and 4 consulting & similar services contracts — 4.4% share. Repair, maintenance, upgrade & others saw 4 contracts with a 4.4% share.

Top issuers of contracts for the month in terms of power capacity involved in Asia-Pacific included the government of Vietnam at 2,200MW from one contract, Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand at 1,225MW from one contract and China Huaneng Group with 715MW capacity from one contract.

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