Whatsapp Application Remain ads-free

Whatsapp Application Remain ads-free

The giant of social media Facebook continuously trying to sell advertise on their popular whatsapp application. According to the source (The Wall Street Journal), A special team working on developing feature of advertisement into whatsapp. But in recent times the work done by this team subsequently deleted from the Whatsapp application codes. The things happens indicates like Facebook “backing away” from their plan to use whatsapp for advertisement purpose.

The Source indicates that Facebook continuously want to integrate the advertisements into whatsapp and they working to achieve it very soon. But for till now, the chat application (whatsapp) remain advertisement free. The company want to earn money from their most powerful application whatsapp, which was acquire for $22 Billion in 2014.

The advertising setback has led Facebook to instead focus on WhatsApp features that will “allow businesses to communicate with customers and organize those contacts.” Koum and Acton were reportedly concerned that a commercial messaging feature would force WhatsApp to weaken its end-to-end encryption

But this was all before Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced plans last year to gradually shift away from public posts in favor of a unified, encrypted messaging system across Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. As the company is now discovering, bringing ads to an encrypted service comes with challenges.

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