Apple use a robot ‘Daisy’ to recycle old iphone

Apple use a robot Daisy to recycle old iphone

Smartphone Top Brand Apple Inc recycle their old electronic basically old iPhones. The Robot is a ‘Daisy’ robot. Daisy robot disassembles iPhone in the way that can recover and reuse the minerals in old phones.

The California based company, Cupertino says the Daisy robot is part of its plan to become “closed-loop” manufacturer which does not depend on mining industry totally.

With the increasing demand of electronics items like smartphone, other electric gadgets need more mined minerals, a reality that apple believes in.

Lisa Jackson, Apple head of environment, policy and social

Lisa Jackson said , “We’re not necessarily competing with the folks who mine,”. “There’s nothing for miners to fear in this development.”

Inside a nondescript warehouse on the outskirts of Austin, Texas, Apple’s Daisy robot breaks apart iPhones so that 14 minerals, including lithium, can be extracted and recycled.

Last month apple bought batch of carbon-free aluminium from a joint venture between companies Rio Tinto and Alcoa. Apple use to do recycle their product from last few years. Apple already using the cobalt, recycled tin in some of its new products.

What is Daisy ?

Daisy is a robot. It uses four step recycle process to remove battery with a small blast and then remove screws and modules of the phone. The separated components are sent to recyclers for minerals to be extracted and refine. Daisy robot can process 200 phone per hour. iPhone is the first product that Dai.sy would disassembles, because of it popularity and demands, said Jackson

Apple also want to share the same technology with others, including electric car makers.

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