4 New Privacy Features By Facebook

4 New Privacy Features By Facebook

Privacy Features By Facebook: New Updates in Privacy Verification tool with all new four features by giant social media network facebook. These all new 4 features will help users to increase their Account security and security on their personal information.

Facebook by default provide their security by Privacy Checkup tool from 2014. This week they updated their new version of this tool worldwide.

Who Can See What You Share

This update will help account users to set permission on their profile information like contact information and their post. By using this feature account holders will able to set limitation on other people to secure your basic information, pictures and posts.

How to Keep Your Account Secure

It will help you strengthen your account security by setting a stronger password and turning on login alerts,” Facebook said in a blog post late Monday.

How People Can Find You

“How People Can Find You” on Facebook will let you review ways in which people can look you up on Facebook and who can send you friend requests.

“Data Settings on Facebook will let user review the information share with apps on which he/she logged into Facebook. User can also remove the apps you no longer use,” said the social networking platform.

Users of facebook can access this Privacy Checkup by question mark icon on Facebook website and select Privacy Checkup.

Facebook said

“We know privacy is personal and we’ve integrated privacy tips to help you make the right privacy decisions for you,”

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