Press Academy of Andhra Pradesh was established in 1996 with the noble objective of promoting higher standards in journalism. It also aims at fostering social values to build healthy society through communication media. Andhra Pradesh has a rich heritage in journalism. Several newspapers and periodicals in English, Telugu and Urdu published from the erstwhile Madras and Hyderabad states had won reputation all over the country. Journalists from this region had worked as Editors in the national press and won laurels abroad also.

With the launch of district editions by the Telugu dailies, there has been a virtual explosion in the dissemination of news from the rural areas of Andhra Pradesh. For the first time in recent years, rural correspondents, called “Stringers”, “Contributors” or “Part-time Correspondents”

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4 New Privacy Features By Facebook

4 New Privacy Features By Facebook

Privacy Features By Facebook: New Updates in Privacy Verification tool with all new four features by giant social media network facebook. These all new 4 features will help users to increase their Account security and security on their personal information. Facebook by default provide their security by Privacy Checkup tool from 2014. This week they

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Andhra Press Academy to impart online training to journalists

Informing that agreements would be exchanged with universities for imparting training to journalists, he wanted the scribes to make use of the same.  VIJAYAWADA: Asserting that the State government is committed to the welfare of scribes, Andhra Pradesh Press Academy chairperson Devireddy Srinath Reddy has said that a decision has been taken to impart training to

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Whatsapp Application Remain ads-free

Whatsapp Application Remain ads-free

The giant of social media Facebook continuously trying to sell advertise on their popular whatsapp application. According to the source (The Wall Street Journal), A special team working on developing feature of advertisement into whatsapp. But in recent times the work done by this team subsequently deleted from the Whatsapp application codes. The things happens

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Apple use a robot Daisy to recycle old iphone

Apple use a robot ‘Daisy’ to recycle old iphone

Smartphone Top Brand Apple Inc recycle their old electronic basically old iPhones. The Robot is a ‘Daisy’ robot. Daisy robot disassembles iPhone in the way that can recover and reuse the minerals in old phones. The California based company, Cupertino says the Daisy robot is part of its plan to become “closed-loop” manufacturer which does

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